Isleta Business Corporation Headquarters at thePueblo of Isleta Tribal Services Complex looking North. © Kirk Gittings

Modern Spirit, Forward Thinking

Isleta Business Corporation (IBC) was established by the Pueblo of Isleta Tribal Council in January of 2011. The organization is designed to function as a separate business entity from the Pueblo of Isleta. The organizational structure consists of a five member Board of Directors and a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who reports directly to the Board of Directors.  

The mission of Isleta Business Corporation is to manage existing commerce while developing new businesses and opportunities that will benefit the Pueblo of Isleta through revenue growth and employment prospects.

Our final responsibility is to our sole stakeholder: the Pueblo of Isleta and its citizens. Our goal is to continually maximize the return on invested capital through a steady growth in profits and prudent asset management. 

IBC is a partner with Strategic Capital Partners headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Strategic Capital Partners purchases residential and commercial real estate for renovation and resale. Property acquisitions have historically included distressed, foreclosure , and banked owned properties.

IBC also owns and operates Native American Insurance Group Inc. (NAIG) offering a broad range of insurance products, with a concentration on selling to other Native American businesses and communities. Our unique perspective and corporate status gives NAIG an unparalleled insight into solving coverage requirements for all of our clients through a creative blend of institutional knowledge and products.

Our business traditions are born from our Pueblo's proud history of adaptability, integrity, honor, and leadership.

Adaptability in our approach to business and unique business environments.

Integrity in every facet of our conduct.

Honor in service and honored to serve our community.

Leadership by tradition.

IBC Board of Directors

Gary Brownell, Chairman of the Board

Charles Peone Jr., Director of the Board

Lucas Lucero, Director of the Board

Patricia Brave Heart, Director of the Board


IBC Corporate Management Team

Charles Peone Jr., Chief Executive Officer

Judy Abeita- Chavez, Executive Assistant/Board Secretary

Brandi Ruffin, Director of Operations